​​​​​Reminder:  Nextgen Maintenance begins at 7:00PM Saturday Evening.

Please be aware that planned maintenance reboots on Nextgen access servers are performed between 1:00AM and 2:30AM Eastern time. Users connected during this time will be given a 5 minute warning prior to disconnection. Users may exit the system, wait 5 minutes, and reconnect to an available server.  The "Planned System Maintenance" page contains an example of the warning message.

Saturdays at 7PM Nextgen Maintenance Window Begins. Maintenance on Nextgen is complete by Sunday at 5AM.

CWPW Systems Status

​​​CWPW.org BCHPhysicians.org(Email System)

All Systems are Online and Fully Functional.

MBA (Practice Management System)

Minor delays in processing within the PM system are being corrected.

CONTACT Support@healthtech.md for concerns.

MBAReports@CWPW.org  for issues with reporting

​NextGen (EHR System)

HL7 Systems are online and fully functional.

Nextgen Hosting is maintained by 3rd party and status is no longer reported here.